"Coach Shelly is the absolute definition of a real coach.  He not only cares about your baseball career, but he also cares about your life outside of baseball as well.  I was told I was to small, but Coach Shelly saw something in me only a few people did.  I went to play college baseball at Okaloosa Walton CC (Which is now Northwest Florida State College).  I became the JUCO Florida pitcher of year and earned a full scholarship to the University of South Alabama.  I earned multiple honors and was drafted by the New York Mets.  Coach Shelly and the Storm believed in me and stayed with me long after my Storm days.  When my son is older, he will be heading back to Jacksonville to strap on a Storm Uni!"
- Jeremy Simmons - Northwest Florida St College/U. of South Ala/New York Mets

 "North Florida Storm, great organization, great coaches, really enjoyable, competitive baseball.  They helped me get to the next level and I still talk to the coaches once a week."
- Luke Cooksey - Flagler College

“Well my NF Storm experience started on the day one of my best friends, Rick Mitchell, informed me about the team and said I’d make a great asset. I was all in. Well later into the year, my HS coaches had honestly changed my influence to the game and I was ready to quit. But sure enough, Coach Shelly jump started my engine again and I was going. Come summer time, we had a practice and it was great. Good atmosphere, good players, and even better coaches. We had a phenomenal summer season if you ask me. I made wonderful friendships that’ll last a long time along with meeting some of the best coaches that impacted my life forever. Ended up having a good enough summer with some great stats and signed a D1 scholarship.”
- Tyler Harrison - Gardner Webb University

" Coach Hall and the North Florida Storm Organization, I want to let you know how much we appreciate your investment in my son Drew's life and baseball career.  Drew had an amazing experience from beginning to end.  He started with the Storm his freshman year and continued throughout high school.  With the way players move from team to team, it was awesome to find a club and coach you could play for all 4 years.  I would and have recommended this organization to friends and players.  Continue to keep up the great work!"
- Coach Dumas - Former JV Head Coach Orange Park High School

“We began our journey with North Florida Storm in 2018. My son, Ethan Davis, began playing on the 18u team. The coaching staff was willing to work with him to improve his skills. The operation is ran with great leadership and organization. Many friendships were made and we treasure our time with his team. He is now playing at the college level for Edward Waters College. Without the support and guidance of the Storm organization, his dreams of playing college baseball would have fell short. Thank you to all the coaches who helped make his dream a reality.”
- Tammy Davis, Mother of Ethan Davis

“I played with NF Storm for 2 years and I wouldn’t trade those years for the world. Not just from a baseball aspect, but from a family aspect. There is nothing better than playing for an organization that is just devoted to developing their players into successful men as well as successful ball players. “
- Cody Melton - Edward Waters College

"My experience with the North Florida Storm was literally life changing.  I was a player that was very confident, but only in himself.  When I got to the Storm, my whole world changed.  Coaches helped me realize that I needed to be confident all the way around and especially in my teammates.  Now today, I am more excited about my teammates doing something good than I am.  The program made me look at the game differently and I thank all the players and coaches for making my experience the best thing that ever could have happened to me.  Also, we all put our trust in God and this team helped me find God and it wasn't just me who found him, my team did and it's awesome to know there's a program to help others!"
- Micah Krieghauser - Toccoa Falls College

"Four years ago was the first time we meet Shelly with North Florida Storm and it changed our family's life forever.  We thought this was going to be like every other travel ball team out there, but little did we know.  This experience was just the opposite from every other team.  We meet some of the best coaches out in the industry and could not thank them enough for helping and pushing our son to achieve his goal of playing at the next level.  Our son, Tres, signed with Brescia University to play baseball and get a college education.  The Corrigan family is forever grateful for Shelly and all the coaches from North Florida Storm."
- The Corrigan Family - Tres Corrigan - Brescia University

"Making the decision to play with the Storm my senior year of high school was quite the experience in many ways.  Not only was I coached by an awesome staff and showcased at all elite events, I was also afforded the opportunity to spend the summer playing with a very talented group of baseball players.  The end results was a full scholarship to play baseball at Palm Beach State."
- Joe Smith - Palm Beach State

"Playing for the North Florida Storm has been an eventful time for me.  Having to leave my family and travel across the country from Chicago to Florida to play ball with guys from Florida, Georgia, and other places across the world has been a true blessing.  Being able to compete with the boys aiming towards the same goal was best of it all!!!!"
- Josh Nash - Keiser University

"Playing for the North Florida Storm was one of the best summers I had playing baseball.  Being able to live in Florida all summer and travel around with guys and play a really high level of baseball was a great experience.  I got a lot better that summer helping me make it college to play baseball and I learned so much including having to have a great work ethic for the next level.  The coaches and players really made my experience great!"
- Thomas DeBonville - University of Nebraska Omaha

"The North Florida Storm experience was very good.  The coaches taught me a lot, also playing for the Storm in the summer got me ready for my first fall season in college."
- Scotty Rivenbark - Piedmont International University

"The North Florida Storm experience was a very good one.  I would recommend it to anyone looking for exposure to college coaches.  The coaches prepared me for college baseball and that is what I was looking for when I chose to play for this organization.  I am very thankful for the opportunity they gave me to pursue my dreams of playing college baseball.  It was also a good time meeting new teammates and being able to compete at a high level every weekend."
- Wesley Ambrose - Piedmont International University

I played one summer with the North Florida Storm.  It was a great experience where I had a lot of fun and got better throughout every tournament.  This is the place to be if you want to get signed."
- Tyler Turner - USC Sumter

"My son Parker played with North Florida Storm and had an amazing summer!  Not only did he get better at the game he loves, but he made lasting friendships that he will carry with him for year to come.  The coaches become family and follow up with the boys throughout the year.  Parker has gone to Columbus State University."
- Rhonda Parker Jones - Mother of Parker Jones - Columbus St

"My experience with the North Florida Storm organization was life changing.  This organization is home for me and will forever be home for me because the coaches made me a man and the parents of the other players looked after me as if I was one of their own.  I had my ups and downs over my 4 years of playing with them but never once did they ever turn their backs on me or gave up on me.  Storm made a future for me.  I now attend Edward Waters College because of the Storm.  Thank you Coach Shelly and the rest of the Storm organization."
- Quinston Newman - Edward Waters College

"It was great to play with all of the talent around Florida.  All of the coaches are experienced and helped me get to where I wanted to be.  The Storm is a great travel team to play for."
- Josh Bedell-Murray - Tallahassee C.C.

"When playing for the North Florida Storm, I felt like I was apart of a big family.  Everybody did whatever they could to help each other out.  The coaching staff is the greatest staff I've ever played for and I am grateful to have had an opportunity to play for such an amazing organization."
- Wyatt Lungebeel - Brewton Parker

"North Florida Storm experience was a good one from the coaches to the players.  I had fun while also getting better everyday.  The coaches cared and had a lot of knowledge to give.  Some of the best coaches I have ever played for.  Played in very good tournaments against some very good competition.  So to anyone that wants to get to the next level, the North Florida Storm organization can get you to that level."
- Kris Williams - Chattahooche Valley C.C.

"I don't even know where to begin.  Well, my North Florida Storm experience started on the day that one of my best friends, Rick Mitchell, informed me about the program and said that I'd make a great asset to the team.  After that moment, I was all in.  Well, later into the year, my high school coaches had honestly changed my influence to the game and I was ready to quit.  But sure enough Coach Shelly jump started my engine again and I was ready to go.  Come summer time, we had practice and it was great.  Good atmosphere, good players and even better coaches.  We had a phenomenal summer season if you ask me.  Made wonderful friendships that'll last a lifetime and also met some of the best coaches that impacted my life forever,  I ended up having a good summer that included some great outings and earned me a scholarship to a D1 school."
- Tyler Harrison - Gardner Webb

"This past summer was one of the best travel ball experiences of my life if not the best of my life.  From the traveling to watching my teammates do great things to the great coaches like Coach Wahl, Coach Reggie, plus multiple others.   With Coach Shelly running this organization, any ball players who joins this family will grow as an athlete, grow academically, and will grow in their faith with the Lord.  Good luck in the fall!"
- AJ Russell - Toccoa Falls

"North Florida Storm organization is not the usual travel team.  The expectations are high on and off the field and if you do not want to play by their rules, it is not in your best interest to play here.  As a parent, I appreciate bringing the best out in my son!  I also appreciate the dedication from Shelly and all the coaches."
- Traci Pena - Mother of Gabe Pena - Ave Maria

"North Florida Storm was one of the best summer ball experiences I've been apart of.  It is a true family that teaches you how to have respect for the yourself, your teammates, coaches and most importantly, the game itself.  I learned a lot from being apart of the Storm family for the just one summer.  I wish I could have been apart of the organization all my years of high school.  It was a true blessing and a terrific learning experience.  Most importantly, it was fun!"
- Kyle Parks - Florida Memorial

"What an amazing experience with the North Florida Storm!  Coach Shelly and his coaches go above and beyond to get your son ready to play baseball at the next level.  We couldn't be more thankful for our connection that we have with this organization.  We have an extended family now and forever.  And a BIG thank you to Coach Shelly for recognizing the talent and getting my son to see it too.  My son was able to get many college opportunities and decided to commit to Jacksonville University.  To us, there is nothing better than being able to play Division 1 baseball in your hometown.  So thank you for all you have done and believing in Darien.  You're truly the best!  #NFStormFamily"
- Parent of Darien Smith - Jacksonville University

"The North Florida Storm was an absolute amazing experience for my family and I.  The amazing coaching staff pushed me to become a better young man and a ball player and without them I wouldn't be where I am today.  If you have the desire to play college baseball, this is the program you want to be apart of."
- Louis Trinidad - Ave Maria

"My summer experience with the North Florida Storm organization was once for the books.  I am beyond thankful for the way the team and the coaches helped me progress in my game.  Every coach and every player was there to not only to better themselves but to better their teammates and better the other coaches.  Everyone is always helping someone to get better.  It was a win mentality and we never strive for anything less.  Playing for the Storm help get me prepared for college ball and realize that there is just one simple rule to the game.....DO YOUR JOB!! I cannot begin to express my gratitude towards my teammates and to my coaches!  Thank you for such an amazing experience."
- Rick Mitchell - East Georgia State College

"Playing for Coach Shelly and the other coaches within the Storm organization was easily one of the best experiences of my life  It's not only a great organization that will get you to the next level, but you will gain a huge family in the process."
- Rhett Willis - Florida Tech

"Before joining the North Florida Storm family, we had never heard of the NCAA Clearinghouse or any of the additional steps to prepare for college recruitment.  Fortunately, we managed to complete everything prior to signing day.  My son had no scouts following him until he joined the Storm.  After joining, he had multiple offers including several Division 1 offers.  He is now a freshman in college starting for a D1 school.  We are very grateful for the support of the coaching staff."
- Sherri Smith - Mother of Eli Rawlinson of Bradley University

"Not only did playing for the North Florida Storm help me get recruited by college coaches, I was also able to make friends while having a great time playing baseball.  I am one semester away from graduating college and I would have not gotten where I am today if it wasn't for Coach Shelly and his coaching staff.  As a kid from the island of Curacao, my parents were at ease knowing that I was in good hands.  I am very thankful for the coaches giving me a home for multiple summers as well as setting me up to be a successful college student-athlete."
- Tivon Faneyte - Daytona State College & Keiser University

"Playing for the Stgorm has to be some of my best baseball memories.  It is definitely great exposure.  Wish I could go back!"
- Ethan Wilkerson - FSCJ

"Playing for Coach Shelly and the North Florida Storm was easily the best travel team I've ever played for.  It was always a good time, I learned a ton about the game and I got a lot better from all experiences.  Shelly is a great coach and he gets the best out of every player."
- Levi O'Steen - Brewton Parker College

"The North Florida Storm organization has changed my life.  This organization goes beyond the game of baseball.  The coaches push you and set you up with the tools for success that can be easily applied at the college level.  They also help you with the skills that you can take into the classroom as a knowledgeable student and a follower of Christ.  Playing for this organization is the best thing to ever happen to me."
- Cody Melton - Edward Waters College

"My experience with the Storm was a wild ride I'd get on every time if I had the chance to do it.  I learned so many things from Coach Shelly & the staff of the coaches the Storm has.  I just wanted to play college baseball.  Coach made it easy for me by giving me the opportunity & I didn't waste it when it was given to me.  I believe that the Storm changed the path of my life in a huge way & forever grateful.  I play college baseball now thanks to Coach Shelly & Coach Reggie who is my current coach.  Being a sophomore in college I still use tools that were taught to me when I was just a sophomore in high school by these two coaches.  I don't believe them to just be coaches that can teach you things about baseball, I believe them to be good men that will give you tools to prepare you for life.  As they did & continue to do for me."
- Manny Guerra - Edward Waters College

"Shelly Hall is a great motivator and master technician.  Combine those with his passion for the game and he is one of the best coaches there is bar none.  It was a true blessing playing for him."
- Skyler Hastings

"Playing for the North Florida Storm was one of the best experiences in my life.  I was able to learn from very knowledgeable coaches and I was also able to play next to some very talented players.  I made life-long friendships and it helped me mature as a player and person."
- Diego Meneses - Roanoke College

"Coach Hall had a great knowledge for the game in which instilled into all his players.  Though my experience was short-lived, I enjoyed my time learning and playing for Coach Hall and his program."
- Adam Gage

"Playing for the North Florida Storm was one of the best experiences of my life.  It made me become one of the best pitchers in my community.  It also helped me go on to win MVP and Player of the Year at my high school."
- Ben Doane - Eastern Florida State College

"We had fun and you kept it real."
- Drew Sparkman - South Georgia State College

"During my time playing for the North Florida Storm, it taught me a lot of discipline on and off the field to self awareness through various situations.  The Storm brought a lot of memories  for me and basically paved my way to college baseball"
- Alonzo Knowles - Central Lakes College

"Playing for an organization like North Florid Storm was such an honor and privilege.  Playing for a team and being surrounded by many coaches that care about your future was really worth it for me"
- Darrin Johnson - Jacksonville University

"Playing for Coach Shelly and the Storm organization was an amazing experience.  This organization was not just a baseball team, it was a family.  Everyone knew everyone and got along well.  The coaches are the best and will teach you everything you need to know on how to better yourself on and off the field.  They will take your game to the next level."
- Anton Steinmetz - Southern Virginia University

"North Florida Storm took me in with open arms.  Playing with my teammates is something I will never forget as long as I live.  We were a bunch of guys who had fun playing the game and won.  That's what I think of when I think of North Florida Storm.  I am forever grateful for my time spent with the program."
- Mikal Flores - South Georgia State College

"Greg loved the game of baseball and enjoyed playing for Shelly.  He knew in his heart that Shelly was an outstanding coach and would get the most out of his players.  Greg's 16th summer was the most special time in our family's life!  What a whirlwind...Winning districts, then regionals, then playing in the Big League World Series....what a ride!!!"
- Shirley Peters

"Playing for Coach Shelly was good for me and my baseball career.  It was great competition.  It was real coaching.  No playing around, but all business."
- Zeke Moore - Eastern Arizona College & University of Cumberlands

"Coach Shelly was one of my top 2 coaches of all time!  Never felt so comfortable and played so loose!  He builds your confidence way up.  Absolutely loved playing for Coach Shelly!  He truly cares about his players!"
- Tylor Key - Hillsborough Community College

"Never a dull moment out there.  It's a continuous learning experience."
- Shane Harris - University of North Florida

"Playing for the North Florida Storm for the time I did was a great learning experience.  It set me up with a college that I was very comfortable with and I am very thankful for the opportunity I had with the Storm to work towards my goal of playing college baseball."
- Tyler Rich - Edward Waters College

"My experience with the North Florida Storm created a foundation for my work ethic on and off the field and knowing what it means to compete at a high level.  You're expected to give it everything you have every game, and that carries over into your life inside and outside of baseball.  I took it with me to Daytona State where I was fortunate enough to be drafted."
- Justin Lawrence - Colorado Rockies

"After the first day I met Coach Shelly, I knew I could play for him and he didn't need to tell you anything to get 100% from you.  When the game was on the line, he could give me a look and I knew I needed to step up and put the team on my back.  Never wanted to let Coach Shelly down."
- Stanley Mays - First Coast High School & Texas Southern University

"Playing high school baseball for Coach Shelly was some of the best years of my life. As a kid still learning and growing they provided us the tools to be successful not just in baseball but in life.  The discipline and the drive to make the grades or you couldn't be on the field instilled the work ethic I use today as a nurse and how I teach my young son as well.  Graduating with a 4.0 and being able to play ball all throughout high school was a privilege and honor to be taught by the best coaches to this day that I have ever stepped foot on a ball field with.  I owe a lot to Coach Shelly and for that I say thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I'm a better man today because of being part of the First Coach HS Bucs family.  And I hope one day my son can be a part of your team and play for you.  I look forward to that day.  Thanks Coach! #BucsPride"
- John Hoyt - First Coast High School

"Playing for Coach Shelly was a lot of fun.  I really enjoyed the coaches and people I played with while on the Storm team."
- Hunter Jones - College of Central Florida

"I appreciate North Florida Storm for connecting my son with a tremendous amount of college opportunities!  He has accepted a scholarship from Piedmont International University."
- Tina Rivenbark - Mother of Scotty Rivenbark - Piedmont International University

"This family has been involved with the North Florida Storm from the beginning.  Both my kids played for the Storm and never regretted their decision."
- Bill Chambers

"My son, Parker Jones, played with the North Florida Storm the summer of 2017.  We had a great experience.  Parker seemed to get his confidence back.  The coaches were great and the kids really felt important to them.  The coaches took extra time, one on one, with the kids which makes a huge difference."
- Rhonda Parker-Jones

"My experience with the North Florida Storm was probably the best experience I've ever had with a travel ball team and baseball overall.  The coaching staff helped me get to where I needed to be on the field as well as off it.  Unforgettable part of my journey!"
-Victor Hughes - Keiser University

"I enjoyed my experience.  Not only baseball lessons, but life lessons are learned with the Storm.  You'll win games with a fun approach to the game."
- Pearson McMahan - UNF & Colorado Rockies

"I received an offer from Brown University and plan to commit later this evening. Thanks for the part you played in my recruiting process and your help with my development."
-Garett Delano - Brown University

"Thank you for helping to prepare me for college ball. I thank you!! We love you!!"
-Tristan Jones

"This program is not just for the ballplayers but for the families too! The boys and our families grew up together and had some of the best times traveling together.  And it's true what they say, "It's all about who you know!"  Coach Shelly knows the people and the places to take these kids to so they get noticed and can move on to college ball!!!  Now my son gets to continue playing the sport he loves while earning his college degree!"
-Sherry Sutton

"My son could not have made a better decision in joining the Storm Family!  He maintains a 1 on 1 relationship with Coach Shelly to this day"
-Mike Price

"Our oldest son played baseball with the North Florida Storm.  We absolutely respect the baseball knowledge Coach Shelly has and teaches the players and demands of them!  More importantly, Coach Shelly and the Storm coaching staff commands a level of compassion from his players that drives them to succeed on and off the field.  Our son is now attending Keiser University and our middle son will be playing with North Florida Storm as well."
- Junnell Hughes

"North Florida Storm welcomed me into their family around 2008.  If it wasn't for the Storm, I would not be have been able to continue to play the game that I love at the college level.  They pushed me on the field and more importantly, off the field.  I was able to obtain my college degree on a full academic scholarship to Edward Waters College where I played under another Storm alumn in Coach Reggie Johnson.  Over the past 10 years, both as a player and a coach, I got to play alongside some great players, and more so, great friends.  I owe most, if not all, of who I am today to the Storm and Coach Shelly."
- Travis Coleman - Edward Waters College

"Thanks to Coach Shelly, I think this is a great program to be in if you want to reach your goals to be a better player and an even better person.  Shelly might be hard on you, but he just does that because he wants you to be a better ball player!  The coaches are great and so are the people who help out.  He isn't just a coach, he cares about you as a person, especially when it comes to your grades."
- Triston Adams - St. Johns River State College

"As a parent of a young man that is now playing college baseball, I can't help but to look back on my son's travel ball experiences.  Some were good and some not so good but the great times were the times we spent with the North Florida Storm.  My son made a comment just recently about Shelly's team.  He said he had the been on a team with better talent, but they could not win like Coach Shelly's teams.  Coach Shelly could take a team of good players and win a lot of games."
- Steve Lhotka - Father of Jeremy Lhotka - US Coast Guard

"I am currently attending Tallahassee Community College.  North Florida Storm has been an amazing asset to me in the process of college recruiting due to their extensive connections.  I know that I would not be at the level I am at if I was not playing for them.  The coaching staff has a ton of experience and knowledge about the game."
- Cameron Wright - TCC

"You were always a very loving coach.  Always wanted the best for your players and made each and every game something to remember!  We always take the risks for the win!  Best coach I ever had!"
- Thomas Guinn

"My son Anton played with the North Florida Storm for a number of years.  He LOVED it!  His pitching and fielding improved, and he made many friends.  He attended Southern Virginia University, and played on their team for a year."
- Mrs. Steinmetz

"Our son Tyler played with North Florida Storm for his junior and senior years in high school.  The Storm helped to make him a better baseball player but also helped to teach him accountability which has helped to mold him into the young man he is today.  Tyler's senior year he was awarded District Player of the Year and Offensive MVP.  Tyler really excelled with his game.  As a result, he was given a scholarship to Edward Waters College.  Our family had a blast traveling with North Florida Storm and made lots of great memories."
- Tad and Dawn Sessions

"My experience playing for Coach Shelly effected me positively because he taught me to keep pushing even when I felt like I couldn't accomplish the play.  Playing for him gave me a passion for the game that will never fade."
- Laynee Nadal - Santa Fe College

"Playing for you, the number 1 thing that stood out was your ability to related to us as players, especially me & my mindset.  You were able to get that connection while at the same time being able to command respect in that way."
- Adam Hawk - First Coast High School

"North Florida Storm gave me an opportunity to better myself as a baseball player, and a person along with the opportunity to play baseball at the next level.  It is truly a family and experience I would do all over again if given the opportunity."
- Nick Palmer - Savannah State University

"I always enjoyed playing summer league ball for Coach Shelly.  He taught me a lot about hitting and playing the game.  Coach Shelly is a players coach, that wants to see you succeed."
- Will Taylor - FSCJ

"Playing baseball for the North Florida Storm, I was able to be exposed to top scouts as well as learn under the mentor ship of Coach Shelly and the rest of the Storm staff.  Had a lot of fun and enjoyed traveling around."
- Kaleb Sadler - University of Florida

"Playing for the North Florida Storm was a life changing experience.  I was granted an opportunity to play high caliber ball with great coaches and teammates which are now life long friends.  I am forever grateful to the Storm family for all the life lessons that I learned on and off the field."
- Reginald Johnson II - Florida Gulf Coast University

"What an amazing experience with the North Florida Storm.  Coach Shelly and his coaches go over and beyond to get your son ready to play at the next level.  We couldn't be more thankful for our connection that we have with this organization that we will always call family."
- Christine Earick

"My experience with the North Florida Storm was all positive.  Got to play tons of games in front of plenty of scouts and got to win our fair share while doing so.  The best part was by far the guys on the team, all great guys from a bunch of places."
- Johnathan Makauskus - UNC Wesleyan 

"During my time playing for the Storm, I had a great time and got to play a lot of ball.  Between traveling and playing, it was an all in all great experience and wouldn't change a thing if I could go back and do it all again."
- Tyler Sessions - Edward Waters College

"Playing with North Florida Storm was the most enjoyable summer program that I played with  Coach Shelly and the coaching staff worked diligently to prepare me for the next level and gave me many opportunities to be seen by many colleges.  So many great memories and I will always remember my Storm family."
- Tyler Johnson - Tallahassee Community College

"My experience with the North Florida Storm was awesome.  I learned so much about baseball and life all in one summer.  I am very grateful for the experiences and people I met that summer.  It was truly amazing."
- Thomas DeBonville - University of Nebraska Omaha  

"North Florida Storm provided my son with the experience and opportunities to work with talented coaches and players.  Several of my son's teammates (my son included) went on to receive scholarships and had very little out of pocket expenses.  He was also able to assist in recruiting and coaching once he aged out of tournament play.  He has since entered law school and still maintains relationships with players and coaches of the organization."
- Marcia Coleman - Mother of Travis Coleman - Edward Waters College

"Playing the beautiful game of baseball for the North Florida Storm was the highlight of my summer high school years.  It provided me with an opportunity to play with talented players and the challenge of playing against good competition across the southeast region.  Getting the chance to play in front of college coaches at the tournaments.  Coach Shelly and the entire coaching staff helped me to improve athletically, but also taught me life skills that I can use outside of baseball.  I am currently attending Trinity Baptist College and playing baseball."
- Jordan Broaden - Trinity Baptist College

"Playing for Coach Shelly was a very fun experience.  He taught me a lot and helped me grow as a baseball player.  He is a very demanding coach and expects us as players to produce as much as possible.  His methods of coaching helped me tremendously mentally and physically to play at a higher level.  He is a very sincere coach and will tell you what you need to know to succeed in baseball."
- Tristan Peccerelli - Danville Community College

"Playing for North Florida Storm under Coach Shelly created some of the best memories in my baseball career.  Being able to compete against the best players/teams across the Southeast allowed me to grow as an athlete.  It's just a bonus when you win, a lot!"
- Hunter Hanks - Lipscomb University

"My experience playing for you was good.  It felt like we had good competition to play against and it was good to get ready to face better players in high school/college.  We did play in some big tournaments and had good exposure to get recruited by good colleges."
- Mason Schrock - Edward Waters College

"North Florida Storm is a great organization that taught me a lot about baseball and how to act as a person.  I was able to make many bonds with my teammates and coaches.  They are practically family now.  Thanks to the dedication and hard work of the North Florida Storm staff, I am now playing at St. Leo University."
- Jeremy Peel - St, Leo University

"If I never told you, thank you for helping prepare Tristan for college ball.  It seems the coach is in everyone's head but his.  For that I thank you.  We love you!"
- Shane Jones - Father of Tristan Jones - Augusta State University

"Loved playing for Coach Hall.  I learned a lot that summer.  Made baseball fun again.  Taught us that working hard pays off.  Got drafted 2 years later."
- Greg Buscher - Drafted 6th Rd to Texas Rangers

"My experience playing for the Storm was great.  Coach Shelly always motivated me and pushed me to work harder and be a better baseball player.  Coach Shelly even helped build my character.  I wouldn't be the person I am today if it wasn't for him."
- Evan Sanders - Florida A&M University

"Kyle Jenkins was a catcher and first baseman for you a couple of years.  You believed in him and gave him a chance to play.  For that, the confidence you gave him has gone a long way.  He attends Alcorn St. in Mississippi.  So thank you for believing in him."
- Kyle Jenkins - Father of Kyle Jenkins - Alcorn St.

"I had an excellent experience all around.  I got to travel and play in some of the biggest tournaments in the country and was given opportunities to be seen by schools I otherwise wouldn't have had the chance to.  It felt more like a family than a team."
- Ryan Hodges - Dakota County Technical College

"Being a dad to a North Florida Storm player was a cool experience.  Coach Shelly coaches these young boys not only top quality baseball but also teaches them respect, loyalty and enthusiasm for the game.  My son, Justin Lawrence, now a Colorado Rockies draftee and currently in their minor league system, enjoyed every game he ever played for Coach Shelly.  If you are good enough to make one of his rosters or teams, you better run and take advantage of the opportunity, especially if you want your kid to be recruited by colleges.  My son played for Jacksonville University and Daytona State College and had committed to Oklahoma State before being drafted.  Coach Shelly, you rock and I'm glad I had the chance to be part of your organization."
- Mr. Lawrence - Father of Justin Lawrence - JU/Daytona St/Colorado Rockies

"What can I say?  Playing for the Storm and Coach Shelly was a dream from a parents perspective.  You show up, root the kids on, and enjoy the game.  The your kid gets to go to college and continue to play ball.  I do have to admit, it was a bit hard to quit coaching from the stands, but once I got there it changed the game for me.  You won't be disappointed!!!!"
- Tim Leake - Father of Noah Leake - Edward Waters College

"Without North Florida Storm baseball I wouldn't have been given the exposure that I needed to be recruited on the D1 level.  As a player I grew smarter and learned an entirely new part of the game because of how the coaches taught the game.  I wouldn't be the player I am today without the coaching and this great organization."
- Eli Rawlinson - Bradley University

"Playing for the Storm was a great high school summer ball experience.  Played against some great talent and also played with some great talent.  I would recommend the Storm organization if a kid is looking to play college baseball."
- TJ Lanning - Trinity Baptist College/Toccoa Falls College

" The Storm travel team was a great experience for my son Trey.  The coaches were great.  Very organized tournaments.  Also Coach Hall helped get Trey to the next level by being accepted to play baseball for Trinity Baptist College.  Highly recommend if your son is looking for a great travel ball team."
- Niki Namyslowski - Mother of Trey Namyslowski - Trinity Baptist College

"I played 3 years with Coach Shelly.  I played spots year round, football and baseball, for my entire life going into high school.  I had never received the education of baseball and next level playing abilities that came from the college level before playing with him.  I would recommend putting my kids in his program to get top level skills and great exposure to the next level of play.  It's been 20 years since I played for him, but he is one of those kind of guys that I always stay in contact with.  He cares more about your life and life skills than just baseball."
- Scott Revels - FSCJ

"What I loved about being apart of the North Florida Storm was the fact that I always felt part of a family and always felt like I was going to be well taken care of.  I also knew that every time I stepped foot on the field, I was in the right place to be seen by colleges and recruited.  I enjoyed my time with the Storm and would recommend it to all high school students looking to play at the next level."
- Willis Mackey - University of Miami Ohio Northwestern

"Playing for the Storm was one of my most eye opening experiences.  I came from a small school with mediocre grades my senior year when the Storm reached out to me.  I then proceeded to get multiple offers from schools all over the states from New York to Oklahoma.  I decided to stay home and attend Trinity Baptist College, which was a blessing.  I am still grateful for it to this day.  Even though my college baseball career was a short stent, I still look back on it with great memories.  My only regret was not finding Coach Shelly and the North Florida Storm earlier than I did."
- Trey Namyslowski - Trinity Baptist College

"North Florida Storm was a great experience that my son had a pleasure to be apart of for 2 years.  It served as a great way to get exposure to higher levels of baseball that could lead to baseball scholarships and even baseball scouts.  It definitely was worth the investment"
- LeChelese Magby

"Very knowledgeable, understanding coach that likes to keep the game fun.  Appreciates the little things in the game."
- Donnie DeWees - University of North Florida/Kansas City Royals

"As a parent, my experience with the North Florida Storm has been exceptional! Coach Shelly and his staff are some of the best I've seen in Jacksonville.  They take pride in their work and really care about our kids like their own.  My son plays college ball now and says his time playing with Coach Shelly helped both his mental and physical game because of the quality of teams they faced.  I would absolutely recommend this travel team to anyone serious about going to the next level."
- Cindy Rourke - Mother of Tyler Rourke - Alabama A&M

"I had a fantastic time playing with Coach Shelly.  He always made me feel included and it gave me plenty of chances to play."
- Dylan Hand - Brewton Parker

"Playing with the Storm has been the BEST time that I had playing baseball.  I grew as a player and had the games of my life.  Coach Shelly supported me and pushed me beyond the limits I thought I could be as a player"
- Victor Melendez

"Storm Baseball was very beneficial for my son Luke Cooksey.  It gave him lots of college exposure and emphasized the right way to play the game.  I'm very happy he played for the Storm and Coach Shelly."
- Mark Cooksey - Father of Luke Cooksey - Flagler College 

"Playing for the Storm, I made some of the best memories of my life.  The coaches in the organization all helped me play in college and truly cared about my future success.  Also, my former teammates are still my friends to this day."
- Gabe Echols - Andrew College

"My experience with the North Florida Storm was nothing but pleasant and accomplished what we as parents were there for.  Shelly is a great coach that teaches and guides his players to accomplish their goals.  My son received multiple offers to play at the collegiate level and as a family we decided what was best for him and us.  I am forever grateful to this organization.  One of the things I admire the most is how he truly cares for his players success.  Shelly continues to show support once his players are in college as well."
- Rose Carrasco - Mother of Chris Carrasco - ASA College

"We played for Coach Shelly for 4 years and he has by far been the best I've ever been in contact with.  He brings out the best in the boys, even the abilities they never knew they had.  Shelly is an amazing coach!!!!
- Eric Berg

"Coach Shelly strived to transform his players into men, by instilling discipline and a hard work ethic in us.  Coach Shelly was one of my favorite coaches."
- Jarrod Carlton - Santa Fe College/Valdosta State University

"It was a great experience as I enjoyed playing with the Storm.  It made me a better player getting to play with good competition and players from all over the U.S. as well as other countires."
- JD Lester - US Army