To Do List

* Mandatory Parent Meeting January 19th at JP Small Memorial Ball Park.  Meeting is at 12 pm.  Deposit is due (Between $400 and $600).  Remaining Balance is due by May 1st.  Your son WILL NOT play until full payment is received.

* In February, start calling hotels to reserve your hotel rooms.  Hotels will be listed under the "Hotels" tab on the our website.  Each hotel will have only 50 rooms blocked for our teams.  ALL PLAYERS ARE REQUIRED TO STAY AT THE TEAM HOTEL!  We have worked out the best prices for the hotels we stay at.  This also helps build chemistry among the players as well as helps with getting rides for players that need them.  Parents are not required to stay at hotel.  Players can room together (4 or 5 in a room) and help split the total cost of the hotel at the end of the tournament.  We encourage this for team chemistry.  

* Check in for the hotels are to be the day before the tournament starts.  This is because we do not know the schedule until the week of the tournament (sometimes only a few days before).  Riding up early the day of a 8am game is not good for your son.  You want to be able to get a good nights rest the day before your games in order to perform at your highest level for coaches that will be watching you!

* Make sure YOU are setting up rides and rooming arrangements weeks before the tournament.  DO NOT wait until the last minute to get this set up.

* For directions to hotels and fields, please use Google Maps.

* If you have any questions or concerns about anything, this needs to be directed to ONLY Coach Shelly.  Please do not go to other coaches about concerns.

* Be realistic to what level your son can play college baseball on.  Division 1 is not for everyone!  Use your baseball skills to get an education whether that is Division 1, Division 2, Division 3, Junior College, or NAIA.  

* Have YOUR SON start emailing college coaches. Make the emails personal and not a form that you mass send to colleges. Call the college and coach by name and tell them why you are interested in their program. Include your information (Travel Team, High School, GPA, Test Scores, etc). Make sure to include your GPA and Test Scores in the subject line of the email. This will immediately catch the coaches attention. This is an easy and quick way to start getting on college radars. We are also sending emails as well, so receiving an email from you also will let the coach know you are serious about getting to the next level.

* EVERY PLAYER must put as much video as they can on their FieldLevel account with at least one being done professionally.  Videos are the easiest ways for college coaches to determine your skill level.

* DO NOT bring food or drinks to your son/players during the game.  Please refrain from coming to the dugout at all.  Our job is to coach and get your son seen.  College coaches do not like seeing parents bring things to the dugout or "coaching" their son from the stands or while he is on deck to hit.  This is one of the quickest ways to get your son taken off a college list.


* Maintain at least a 3.0 GPA (Shoot for at a 3.5 to 4.0 GPA)

* Start taking the ACT and SAT tests in the summer of your Freshman and Sophomore years.  Take these tests as many times as you can.  The higher the scores, the more money you can possibly get from colleges 

* Fill out all FAFSA paperwork sooner than later.  This will determine if you will be eligible for any Federal Aid Grants

* Before you can receive any offers from a 4 year institution, you must complete all NCAA and NAIA Clearinghouse requirements.  These are separate forms.  You can go to for the NCAA  Clearinghouse and for the NAIA Clearinghouse.  Check with your HS Guidance Counselor to see if they have a fee waiver form.  

* Update your FieldLevel account as much as possible with transcripts, awards, videos, schedules, etc.  College coaches can't make every game or every tournament.  This will allow them to follow and track your progress easily. 

* Attend workouts and camps.  However, do not spend a lot of money on these.  Though colleges may find a player or two at one, most are used as fundraisers for their programs. 

* OUTWORK THE COMPETITION AND YOUR TEAMMATES DAILY!  If you want to be great, you have to make the necessary sacrifices and have to do all the right things when no one is watching.  Never take a day off!