As a member of the 2019 North Florida Storm Travel Ball Team, parents and players at sports events have a unique opportunity and responsibility to set a positive tone. Players and parents can demonstrate an appreciation of quality play by both the visiting and home teams through your applause and positive comments, and teach that true competition is possible only through fairness and respect. Outstanding athletic talent does not preclude good sports manners and players should abide by both the spirit and letter of the rules. Managers, official coaches and the program administrators will appreciate all that you can do to create a positive environment, so that each contest becomes a learning experience that will allow the spirit of athletics and good sports manners to shine through.

All Players are to treat teammates and coaches with Respect and Courtesy. Positive behavior breeds success. We will make every effort to have a positive and professional approach at all times and in all situations with our players, families, opponents, spectators, umpires and tournament officials. We expect our Players to have courtesy, team spirit, enthusiasm, discipline, respect, character and exemplary work ethic.

Parents should be aware that any player demonstrating un-sportsmanlike behavior could be removed from the team at the Manager’s discretion without warning. Furthermore, both parents and players should be aware that any parent (family member) displaying any un-sportsmanlike behavior or behaving in a way that will adversely affect the morale, reputation and/or the overall positive image of Our North Florida Storm Travel Ball Team could be cause for the removal of the player from the team at the Manager’s discretion without warning.

It is the sole discretion of the coaches to place the athletes in the positions that they feel best for the team. Since the players are trying out or have tried out for the team, it is not guaranteed that they will all have the same amount of playing time.

Please be advised that the players are expected to be in attendance and on time at all scheduled practices. Acceptable reasons for excused absences of practices, meetings or games are as follows:

Sickness, school mandated functions, and personal family reasons including family vacations are considered excused absences. Immediate communication in person or by phone of these absences is needed so that an alternate player can be scheduled. It is important to the Team to know where you are. You are to contact Shelly Hall at (904) 583-0377.

Only the coaches and players are required to attend practices. Scheduled practices can expect to last between Two hours and thirty minutes to Four hours. Parents may drop off their players, if they wish, and arrive at the practice field thirty minutes before the end of a scheduled practice (unless inclement weather dictates otherwise). Parents are expected to maintain sufficient distance from the players and coaches unless practice has officially ended. This is done in an effort to keep the players “on task” and focused during the practice period and to reinforce cooperation and respect for the coaches. Players need to be dropped off at all practices to allow ample time and opportunity to perform all the prescribed stretching and warm up exercises prior to the scheduled time of a practice.

It is the intention of the coaches/administrators to ensure that the good image of our program is always maintained throughout the baseball season. Special attention is paid to promoting the concept of fair play aimed at education and ethical values. This Contract encapsulates the sporting, moral and ethical principles for which the North Florida Storm Travel Ball Team stands for. We want to reinforce the sense of team cohesion and cooperation among the program members.

As a team we will always handle ourselves with class; to demonstrate superior sportsmanship, hustle, effort, and enthusiasm; to play well (we will always strive to leave a lasting, favorable impression on all whom we interact); and to create wholesome, meaningful relationships. It is important to us that our Players represent our baseball program as fine young men on and off the field. Players need to understand that their behavior is important and they could be held responsible for it at any time. We will not tolerate anyone who criticizes, blames, second-guesses, or undermines a fellow player or coach for any reason, at any time, in any manner, to any audience.

All players will be required to stay within the team dugout throughout the duration of any given game or practice. No Exceptions! Parents, girlfriends, friends and/or spectators are prohibited from entering the team dugout during the duration of a game for any reason unless their player has been injured and requires assistance. Parents are asked to “steer clear” of their player during the game by not approaching the dugout to speak to them between innings. Please wait until after the game to discuss strategy, skills and improvement with your individual player making sure this is all done in a positive tone and manner. Once you enter the dugout for either practice or a game the player’s cell phones must be turned off.

Any player or parent with questions or concerns in the way the team is handled will direct any and all inquiries to team Coach in a courteous and respectful manner. Players or parents with concerns will not approach the Coach before or during any scheduled game or practice, but will wait until the appropriate time and place to discuss matters and will under no circumstances discuss concerns in front of other players, parents or the team as a whole. Any Team funds held in North Florida Storm Travel Ball Team Bank account on behalf of exiting players may become the sole property of the team and may or may not be refunded to players who voluntarily leaves or those who are dismissed from the team.

All players are required to wear proper uniform and clothing during all games and practices. Our North Florida Storm Travel Ball Team expects to compete at the highest level possible. They do so because they are prepared. Being prepared doesn’t just mean showing up to the ballpark with your uniform on. Being prepared involves good practice, proper rest, good nutrition, and mental preparedness to do the task at hand properly. The team that is best prepared has the best chance of winning.

As a team, we are going to follow the ten principles of fair play, for the good of the game, always:

- Play to either win or within the best of our abilities

- Play fair

- Observe the Rules of the Game

- Respect opponents, teammates, referees, officials and spectators

- Accept defeat with dignity

- Promote the interest of baseball

- Reject corruption, drugs, racism, violence and other dangers to the sport

- Help others to resist negative pressures

- Denounce those who attempt to discredit fellow players and the program

- Honor those who defend the program’s good reputation


Each player and parent is solely responsible for reading, understanding, and obeying these rules. We are working to achieve an extra-ordinary team and individual success, which demands extra-ordinary efforts on all our parts.


Commitment Fee: Players will be required to deposit a non-refundable $300.00 player commitment fee, starting in July, in the team account. This fee is to be paid immediately for new players joining our organization after July. This fee is to ensure that each player is committed to and stays with the “North Florida Storm Travel Ball Team” throughout the entire 2019 season. The total cost of the fall ball season is $650.00 with the balance to be paid in full by September 1st, 2019. ALL MONIES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.  Tournaments are paid for in advance and monies spent according to the number of players.  Once you commit to the team, the monies will be NON REFUNDABLE. If you have any problems or concerns with this fee, please contact Coach Shelly Hall at (904) 583-0377 as soon as possible so payments can be arranged. This commitment fee is used to assist the Coaching Staff in team supplies and participating in tournaments. Obtaining additional sponsors is also a good way to fund the team or cover your travel ball fee. If family or friends have businesses, sponsors can write this off on their taxes, please see me for sponsor forms.


**Do NOT sign this contract until you have read its contents in its entirety. You are making a commitment to North Florida Storm Travel Ball Team for the 2019 fall ball season. Please contact the team Coach if you do not understand any of the terms or conditions of this contract**

I have read and understand this contract in its entirety and agree to be bound by its terms and conditions.


Once completed, RETURN ONLY THE LAST PAGE, SIGNED, back to Coach Shelly Hall.



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